Singapore - Rice & Sugar Trading  

Sin Heng Chan traditional business is rice and sugar trading and distribution which it still operates today.



Sin Heng Chan Pte Ltd
Rice & Sugar Department
No.5 Fourth Lok yang Road,
Singapore 629702
Tel: +65-62620512/62688217
Fax: +65-62688875
Contact: Mr. Chan Cheng Meng

  China - Trading  

Sin Heng Chan has a trading operation with an office in Qingdao, China



Sin Heng Chan (Qingdao) Pte Ltd
Room 208 Expert Flat
No.5 Zhuhai Er Road
Qingdao China
Tel: +86-532-85880565/85880295
Fax: +86-532-85880745
Contact: Mdm Wang Lin


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